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 Guide to Annundir: Stoneheight, Tier 2 *Spoiler*

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Guide to Annundir: Stoneheight, Tier 2 *Spoiler*  Empty
PostSubject: Guide to Annundir: Stoneheight, Tier 2 *Spoiler*    Guide to Annundir: Stoneheight, Tier 2 *Spoiler*  EmptyTue Mar 29, 2011 4:45 pm

Annundir: Stoneheight
Recommended level: 65
Location: North Downs. I don't know where specifically. (I was summoned there Embarassed )

The instance is heavily littered with mobs that does a wound debuff on you, bring wound pots. Especially for Tier 2 runs.

Thrash mobs leading up to Gundúl are basically 2 groups of men, 1 wolf pack and 1 wolf patrol. Points to note are:
(1) There will be disarms and stuns but there is nothing you can really do about it.

Boss #1 Gundúl

Gundúl comes with 2 goblin adds and all 3 of them are able to put wound dots on you, which does ALOT OF DAMAGE. It must be potted away asap.

Points to note:
(1) Wounds are the major source of damage in this fight. Potting it away makes this fight significantly easier.
(2) Gundúl will yell out the formation to attack a specific member in the fellowship. Do not worry if you already have aggro on them as they will come back after 1 hit.
(3) Gundúl needs to be kited as far away from the group as possible. As some of his wound dots are a frontal aoe induction process.
(4) There are corruptions on Gundúl that can be removed and should be removed unless you are doing the challenge.

Basic Strategy: The tank will kite the boss and 1 goblin while the other 2 dps the third goblin down. After one of them go down, move on to the next goblin and finally the boss. Remove corruptions on boss if you are not doing the challenge when you come to him. Watch for the caltrops he throw while kiting and don't run into them.

Thrash mobs leading up to Búbhosh-grat are a few groups of men and 1 large pack of wargs in Tier 2. Points to note are:
(1) There are now hidden human backstabbers in almost every pull. Either aoe them out or spot them before pulling. They usually stun the tank if left unchecked.
(2) The pack of wargs can be avoided by pressing *Insert* key to walk and walk past them or have a burgler to "Share the Fun". Otherwise, if you pull them, kite them along the stretch of road before them while the dps burn them down.

Boss fight #2

Búbhosh-grat is basically a tank and spank fight. Please note that you will not be able to kill him for this specific encounter.

Points to note:
(1) Wounds should be potted away if applied and can be avoided by interrupting his induction.
(2) "Come closer, I have some tricks to show you" -Búbhosh-grat, Búbhosh-grat will do an aoe attack that causes MASSIVE damage. Everyone should move out and avoid it. Standing in there for more than 2 ticks usually kill non-tank classes.
(3) He has a fervour corruption that can be removed but should not be removed for challenge mode.
(4) Interrupting his inductions is a great way to avoid damage.
(5) There seem to be an aggro reset after every aoe, so tank should be prepared to take aggro back.

Basic strategy:
Tank will tank Búbhosh-grat and turn him away from the group and everyone should dps him from behind. DPS him down and move out from aoe. Tank should be prepared to grab aggro after aoe.

Thrash mobs to Dale Truitt is simply 1 group of humans with a hidden backstabber. Nothing especially noteworthy.

Boss fight Dale Truitt and Búbhosh-grat

Both Dale Truitt and Búbhosh-grat will be fighting the party at Tier 2 and only Dale at Tier 1. To complete this, the strategy is similar to Gundúl.

Points to note:
(1) Búbhosh-grat is basically having the same skills as the fight earlier, albeit with lesser morale.
(2) Dale special ability is to disappear into the mist, stunning the person in the highest aggro table, and reapplying and doing an induction skill that does a moderate amount of damage. Interrupting the induction will reduce the incoming damage by alot.
(3) Removing corruptions will make this fight significantly easier but must not be done in challenge mode.
(4) Interruption inductions is very helpful in this fight, though not neccessary.
(5) Be ready to use wound pots if you have a wound dot on you.
(6) DO NOT forget Búbhosh-grat's aoe

(1) Dale only does his special ability of disappearing into the mist if people are melee-ing him.
(2) Depending on the group make up, there should be different kiting targets. If there is ranged dps, Kite Búbhosh-grat and have the range dps Dale down then switch to Búbhosh-grat. If the group is predominantly melee, dps Búbhosh-grat down first and then switch to Dale.

Basic strategy: Kite one of the bosses, Dale if melee dps, Búbhosh-grat if ranged dps, dps one down, then switch to the other. Yes, it is as simple as that.

Hopefully this guide proves useful to anyone who does Stoneheight T2. Hope you have fun!
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Guide to Annundir: Stoneheight, Tier 2 *Spoiler*
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