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LOTRO Hell Slayers Kinship in Riddermark Server :)
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 Guide to: Helegrod (Unfinished)

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PostSubject: Guide to: Helegrod (Unfinished)   Sat Apr 16, 2011 8:28 pm

Drake Wing
As easy as kill all them just tanking, just be careful of no touching an Egg or you will have 4 more adds.
First room: you gotta make 2 persons stay in the platforms where the levers are and use them while your group is south or north, at north and south there's another level that gotta be used to open main gate.
Last room: The boss, it's a tank and spank with an angmarin(boss), 2 drakes and 2 worms.... they 4 are inmune to all damage so tank them away and kill the angmarin, at certain point she will say "**** and **** dont have my protenction anymore" or something like that, you can kill that 2 enemies from now, after that dps the boss until she say that u can kill the other 2, finally burn she down.

Giant Wing
Normal Enemies:

This is basically a Tank and Spank and kill fast to get to the top of the mountain where u will find the boss:

You need someone tanking boss and a healer with him, everyone else dps boss until adds appear, have another tank on adds and after killed them dps the boss, at certain point the adds will never stop coming so have both tanks on them and everyone else dpsing the Giant.

Spider Wing
Normal Enemies:

Spider boss is..... poison instakill and 10 adds with hatchlings... afk i gotta go i'll finnish later


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Guide to: Helegrod (Unfinished)
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