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 Guide to: Lost Temple (Unfinished)

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Guide to: Lost Temple (Unfinished) Empty
PostSubject: Guide to: Lost Temple (Unfinished)   Guide to: Lost Temple (Unfinished) EmptyWed Mar 30, 2011 5:10 pm

Beautiful temple...
Guide to: Lost Temple (Unfinished) ScreenShot00796

Level: 65
Questpack for F2Ps: Enedwaith
Number of persons: 6
Go to the real entrance of the instance to activate the Deed that allows you to join.

But this instance it's a disease management pain for all of you, there will be 5 different Diseases, it's important to bring disease potions of 75 Strenght.
1: Yellow face = +20% incoming damage, can be +120% if u have 6 of these ones. - Will be 2 of yellow face, one u can cure, one you can't.
2: Green face = you are poisoned with a fog poison cloud around you, go ASAP away from group and cure it, if u cure near group they will be infected.
3: Yellow disease with red blooddrop = Infected by little worm, cure asap or u will have a 20k worm going out of your ass (not kidding xD).
4: Blue cross = It will slowly increase the power cost of all the skills but will wipe ALL your power if u cure it, so... don't cure that one.
5: Green cross = Cure it asap, it does -75% incoming and outcoming heals.

If u can't manage to not spawn big worms and all that stuff it's a wipe, even if the other 5 people are doing perfect.

First boss: Twins

Second boss: Miniboss... (orc?)

Third boss: Miniboss wight

Fourth boss: Miniboss troll

Final boss: Ferndur

Guide to: Lost Temple (Unfinished) Goldhop
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Guide to: Lost Temple (Unfinished)
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