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 Guide to: The Rift Of Angmar (unfinished)

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Guide to: The Rift Of Angmar (unfinished) Empty
PostSubject: Guide to: The Rift Of Angmar (unfinished)   Guide to: The Rift Of Angmar (unfinished) EmptyMon Apr 11, 2011 12:46 am

Phase 1: The Slaves Area
You will face some enemies in that area, but it's easy to complete without wipes.
- Uruks & Trolls, thrahs mobs but kill the uruk first, the uruk with a troll never does special attacks.
- Uruk (slave master) will do a +300% damage aura to all their allies, stop his induction and move him away from other enemies.
- Maiden (The only 1 human woman enemy) will do a +2000 morale heal overtime to all the enemies in 20m each 2 seconds, she literaly can make them inmortals, have always a champion on her, if she is on her knees in the ground, she's healing, interrupt!
- Goblins/Pales, thrash mobs.

The strategy in here is basically to go and kill 1 uruk + troll, a group of uruk + maiden + some human adds, enter a cave and kill uruk + adds, at the exit of the cave kill the uruk + troll and you will be in the Big Room, that room is the center of this area, go left way and kill 1 uruk + maiden + adds and clean all the room but never never approach the giant if the room is not clean.
You gotta have your group in the ramp of the Right side, tell someone to approach the giant anc come back to group, DON'T agro anything and wait till the waves of enemies are in the giant, at that moment the doors should be opened and you can go up in the ramp to the Right room, there will be the first boss, a Troll.... clean all the room but dont aproach troll.

Firstt Boss: Barsh
This is an enemy morale management fight, he will summon a wave of enemies at 105k morale, 75k morale and 45k morale, you gotta stop all dps and kite the troll when this happens in order of Not summoning more than 1 wave at same time, besides that this boss is easy, he will do just 1 special attack, it is "Crush your bones" and will do massive 3k damage to everyone in melee range, the melee ones gotta run out of that range, the troll won't move so it's really easy to avoid being hitted for that.
1 wave: uruk + troll.
2 wave: maiden + adds
3 wave: uruk + troll + maiden + uruk + adds.

Back to the Giant room and go to the other side to do a similar battle, clean the room and kill the troll boss, same waves at same times but this troll instead of AoE attack will do a single shout of dead that insta kills people.

Whe all 2 trolls are dead, go back to the Giant and enter second phase.

Phase 2: The Giants

...... i'll write it later

The Balrog Thaurlach

i'm really tired of explaining this fight 5 times per try.... so i will copy and paste this.

Things that you need for this:

- 1 token of hope +5 per person in this raid (12 tokens)
- 1 loremaster traited for disease removal to save tank from 6 disease dots.
- 1 hunter to save other people from "kills target when expire" poison.
- 2 Healers (1 gotta have hopefull heart)
- 1 Captain with banner of hope.
- Decide 2 groups of 3 persons each group to do phase 3.
- Decide Main Tank and Hopefull Heart healer with him.
- Decide the Hope Order for Phase 4,5 and 6.

When you all enter to face the balrog you will find a big room with 5 mini-rooms, 1 on each corner and 1 at the back of the balrog (you can see the overseer if you look there), the big room will have some poisonous water, don't fall there or you will die, at the very beggining you won't attack the balrog, actually there's 5 phases that gotta be done before that.
1: Go with the NPC and kill all the adds in the left room.
2: Go follow the NPC and kill the adds in the right room.
3: The Tank will use the bow to agro the Balrog. The A team will go to the room in the back of the balrog, (left side) 2 persons will agro all the mobs and run to the group standing in the front of the balrog, the 3rd person will go inside room and use the wheel to clean poison near balrog. The B team will do the same (Right side).
4: The tank will go jump down and turn thaurlach, so his Frontal AoEs dont affect the group. The group will kill all the adds and use the first hope token for each group when all the people is together. (thaurlach have done the first hopewipe shout when unchained)
5: When there are no more adds go to the back side of the room and stand near OverSeer till everyone is together (at that point the tank should turn the balrog again to not have him facing the group). After someone approachs the overseer will be a 5 seconds timer to enter the room before the door closes, so everyone gotta enter at once, Kill the adds before the boss (the darklings becomes big world-eaters) and then dps the boss, is not that hard. - Use the 2nd and 3rd wheels to open the door to thaurlach (in any order, but just that 2 wheels).

6: Time to kill the balrog, The first thing you gotta have is a Hopefully Heart in the balrog feets and a banner of hope from the captain. The balrog will do damage with his sword (frontal), his tail (back) and his wings (left and right side) so you will always receive damage... But he will only do frontal AoEs so please stay away from being in front of him, the fight is a tank and spank with the hope order in mind, if there's a hopewipe the assigned persons gotta use their token. Anyway there are 4 things to have in mind.
- He will Disease the tank (once per battle) and anyone in the front side standing near tank (please dont stand in front of him) with 6 disease dots that will kill your tank in 2 seconds, the tank gotta use potions that 2 seconds to stay alive while the Loremaster cure the diseases.
- He will do an eye debuff on 1 person ramdomly (usually the tank) that will kill that person on expire, does 37.000 damage, it's the time for the Hunter to cure that poison (the tank will probably have pots in cooldown after the disease attack).
- At some point he will JUMP, you have 5 seconds to go run to the walls and get out of the pool because when he Lands will kill everyone in the pool.
- Finally when he is about to die and haves 20k morale he will go in Rage to kill the NPC with 2-3 attacks, it's important that EVERYONE trys to forcetaunt him and burn him as soon as possible. (i know for sure that guardians agro won't work at that point, he is still in rage even using all guardians skills, but i saw that the champion agro skill to forcetaunt works, so champions... is time to agro).

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Guide to: The Rift Of Angmar (unfinished)
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