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 Guide To: Sammath Gul

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Guide To: Sammath Gul Empty
PostSubject: Guide To: Sammath Gul   Guide To: Sammath Gul EmptyTue Mar 29, 2011 7:46 pm

Level: 65
Questpack for F2Ps: Mirkwood
Number of persons: 6 (Tank, Healer, Interrupter, CC and 2 whatever)

Most Epic Achievement: Anduimir and Rubii duo Alagossir at 60k, just using a bow!

This instance got serious long fight with multiple enemies, each of them do specific skills so you gotta have a kill order for them, the order to kill will be ALWAYS that one:
Brutes - Loremasters - Summoners - Red Ghosts - Guards - Sorcerers - White Ghosts - Skeletons
Now i'm gonna explain each of them.

Brutes: Never attack them when they have a red shield, you will hit them like 20 or 30 damage points, the trick is that he will absorve damage of ALL the enemies near, so do AOEs a lot and he will be down soon.... The shield last 1m, if u didn't killed him through attacking adds, attack him when he haves no shield. They do massive frontal aoe damage so the one that has his agro gotta move him away from group.
Loremasters: Really easy enemies but they do an annoying induction that Fire Knockback and wound everyone, interrupt them all the time and it's not a problem.
Summoners: They are normal human adds except because they will summon infinite red ghosts.
Red Ghosts: Only summoned by the Summoners, they have 7k morale points and they hit hard.
Guards: they are the melee enemies in that instance, same as an OP guard they hit hard but just single attacks.
Sorcerers: the most they can do it's a debuff area for fire damage, not really a challenge.
White Ghosts: they spawns on bone piles (yeah, somebody must be step on one) and they summon skeletons, really easy to kill that guys.
Skeletons: eh... thrash? they are thrash, don't hit so much and they have 2-3k morale points, just annoying.

Besides that the only thing you gotta avoid in this instance is to STEP ON A BONE PILE, never do that and doing in a fight can be a wipe, each bone pile you touch will summon a white ghost.
The first pull will be just 4 Guards, fight in the top on the left stairs, when killed then go and kill the 2 guards and the brute in the center of the room. When they are dead wait in the hallway and make your tank agro the 3 sorcerers, after that go all the group and agro the guard and the brute and kill them in the next hallway. The room where u are now it's tricky, u can do it without agroing the brute, just wait in the hallway and make the tank agro the sorcerer in the right, after that the tank run down and the dps gotta attack and interrup the loremaster that will come, when that pull is off go to the hallway on the Right side without agroing brute.

Now you will be on boss room, wait on hallway and pull left and right groups, 1 by 1, interrup loremasters asap and be careful with the brute in 1 of the right groups.

First Boss: Urchir
As soon as somebody approach the center of the room the boss will start fight.
The place where he gotta be tanked is right the one in the screen, so the group won't be damaged by his frontal aoes attacks, but besides that the most important in this fight are his 2 curses:
- Will you bring doom to your friends (playername)? - That one will stun and damage all nearby allies, so the person with that curse gotta run away from group until the eye debuff is gone.
- Can you handle the burn (playername)? - That player is gonna be hitted by a shareable 6k fire attack, if he is alone will be a 6k hit but if we all stack together on that person will be just 1k damage to all of us, that's easy to heal and is not an insta-death to one of us, anyway after that attack you gotta heal Wound as soon as possible with a 75 pot.
Guide To: Sammath Gul ScreenShot00815urchir
At that point it's a really good idea to read the Say channel to avoid that curses (and that's why i have a chat pannel on the left), at some point when boss haves 60k morale the room will start to burn, the tank gotta watch out for the fire and move boss and group to not fire areas, at that point it's a DPS race to kill him asap.

Well... boss is dead, nice job, loot the chest and kill the Loremaster-Brute-Guard on next pull (watch out with the bone pile near chest), then agro the brute and guard on next room and kill them, and finally kill the loremasters and sorcerer in the door before second boss.

Second Boss: Alagossir
Guide To: Sammath Gul ScreenShot00816
This boss is the hardest to do for a newbie group in SG, that's because of lightnings, i'll explain his 2 phases:
Phase 1: from 200k to 100k this battle will be too easy, he can do only 2 attacks, one of then will be a knocback that can throw u out of the tower so the tank gotta move the boss to the center of the room, the second attack it's a curse "You stray too far (playername)", if u don't get close to boss soon u will be hit with a 5k damage.
Phase 2: (Dance Dance...) at that point the boss will go to a place and he will NEVER move from there, there will be some lights enemies that roots players and that's the main nightmare here. In that room will start to fall LOT of lightnings, seems ramdomly but it dont, there's a pattern on where they will fall.
There are 4 different patterns and they will always follow the same order and repeat.
Guide To: Sammath Gul Alagossir
The Blue circle means where u gotta stay at the beggining of the wave and the Green circle means where u gotta stay at the end of the wave.
1: On first pattern is like a square, so wait in blue position for first lightning to hit the ground and go to green position asap to DPS, u have a 10 seconds window to dps a lot, watch for the lightnings and if they are close to the boss is time to run FAR AWAY to the second blue point because lot of lightinings will fall at boss place.
2: the second wave starts with a 6k damage, where to stay in that point it's easy to see, u gotta stay exact where the shadow of the wall starts, as long as u see the lightnings near you is time to run for next position.
3: At that point you gotta wait on a diagonal to see the lightnings smash the ground near boss, as soon as that happens you have a 5 seconds window to hit boss melee and go to the center of the room because the lightinings will surround you from left and right, Wait to lightnings to hit boss there.
4: That pattern is the number 3 but in Reverse mode, so go and hit boss 5 seconds, then go to the green point and wait because as u can see, that's the blue point in the pattern 1.

Repeat and repeat that "dance" and hit boss as much as possible, if u don't get roots it's an easy cake, and if u can't avoid roots try to be caught on a safe point.

When the boss is dead go loot the chest and prepare for the toughest Non-Boss battle of the isntance, 1 loremaster, 2 summoners, 1 brute and probably you will spawn the white ghost near, your group gotta do massive Aoes to kill the brute asap, interrup the loremaster and hold the agro of all the enemies, at that point an FM will help a lot, just follow the kill order and you will be ok. Go run up the hallway and enter next room, the pull in here will be easy because they dont absorv damage, just kill loremaster first, then summoners, then ghosts, then sorcerers.

Third Boss: Gorothul
(Hope needed, he does +9 dread)
This boss will never move from where he is... (oh look, saurons Eye Very Happy) and this battle is really easy to understand but hard to accomplish.
Guide To: Sammath Gul ScreenShot00798
The way to fight this is to have the Tank on the left side and the group on the Right side of gorothul, always on the grate and always near gorothul everyone, as u can see in the picture.
Gorothul will do the same Knockback as Loremasters so u want to have an interrupter on him (champ, warden, burg). There will be 2 adds that will Spawn and Despawn in a few seconds after that, if they are loremasters they gotta be CC by ranged players, Hunter fears, loremasters roots, whatever to avoid them to do the knockback, eventually someone running and stoping induction fast. At the point gorothul is at 145k morale that 2 adds won't spawn or despawn anymore, it's the time to kill the 2 of them ASAP, then EVERYONE gotta kill gorothul, it starts a DPS race, lot of adds will come, and more adds each time, the tank there will have a really bad bad bad time and the healer will have some adds to an off-tank taking care of the healer will help a lot, dont do AOEs and don't kill blue ghosts or the challenge is failed.
Gorothul will do a Fear aoe that will cower all of you, but if you all are in the grate won't run away ramdomly really far instead of cowering.

When this boss is dead, loot the chest and if challenge is done wait in the room where u killed gorothul, the tank gotta go to the next room and agro the sorcerers adds and pull them to the group, remember to interrup the 2 loremasters, then the group can move to the next room and kill the brute and 3 guards, after that is time for final boss

Last Boss: Demafaer
Enter the room (hope needed) and spawns the ghost in the corner, hit him but DON'T KILL THE GHOST, at 15-10k morale go to the main boss. He haves a green shield that only can be broken if you kill an skeleton near him, that's the point of no killing the ghost in the corner, he keeps summoning skeletons, when u kill an skeleton a cloud will appear (that's the green cloud you see in the picture) and that means the boss don't have the shield, kill him quick, besides that the only important thing to know is that the fire in the room will rotate in a clockwise manner so as long as u rotate with the fire you will be ok, always in a place where there is no green fire... oh and dont fall in the pools, it's insta-death.
Guide To: Sammath Gul ScreenShot00803

And here we are, finally in the last chest that can drops Symbols of Celebrimbor, Ril-Mir, Glass Flask and lot more items!!.
Guide To: Sammath Gul Rilmir Guide To: Sammath Gul Symbol Guide To: Sammath Gul Glassflask

I hope you all enjoy that guide and can accomplish the instance, it's the hardest 6-man for a group so far.
Guide To: Sammath Gul ScreenShot00810
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Guide To: Sammath Gul
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