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 Guide to Shire: The Northcotton Farm, Tier 2 *Spoiler*

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Guide to Shire: The Northcotton Farm, Tier 2 *Spoiler* Empty
PostSubject: Guide to Shire: The Northcotton Farm, Tier 2 *Spoiler*   Guide to Shire: The Northcotton Farm, Tier 2 *Spoiler* EmptyTue Mar 29, 2011 4:04 pm

Shire: The Northcotton Farm
Recommended level: 65
Location: West of Oatbarton

The instance consists of mainly poison and fear effects. Please bring a couple of fear/poison pots, especially the tank.

Thrash mobs leading up to Lengbarthil are mainly spiders which have 3 things to look out for.
(1) The Greensfield Trapper Elite spiders have a +50% corruption damage buff which has 2 tiers and can be removed to 30% and than to nothing.
(2) The spiders put a poison effect which does a dot on the person in question, but should be ignored for point #3
(3) The Greensfield Trapper Elite spider occasionally does a fear debuff on you that drains you of power over time. If you do not have a captain to remove fear effects, please pot it away as it slows down the run considerably.

Boss #1 Lengbarthil

Guide to Shire: The Northcotton Farm, Tier 2 *Spoiler* ScreenShot00815

Lengbarthil is simply a tank and spank fight with a few spins.

Points to look out for:
(1) Poison clouds. Lengbarthil drops poison clouds fairly regularly during the fight and everyone should avoid standing in it if possible.
(2) Rooted. Lengbarthil will regularly root a member of the party who is not at the top of the aggro list after dropping a poison cloud. Please ensure that you are dpsing behind the boss at all times to prevent being rooted in a poison cloud.
(3) Egg sacs. Lengbarthil will spawn egg sacs at approximately 80k, 50k and 20k hp, which will spawn spiders if left untouched. Destroying it will prevent spiders from spawning which will prolong the fight if they reach her as they heal Lengbarthil for quite a bit of morale.

Basic Strategy is to kite Lengbarthil in a circle around the room, with the ranged dps/healer in the centre. Watch for the egg sacs to spawn and destroy them quickly even if they are in a cloud as they have relatively low morale and you should be able to kill it before you get defeated. If however you are low on hp, just let the egg sacs hatch and it will simply prolong the fight.

Thrash mobs leading to Umheryn are simply 1 spider group and 2 groups of wolves which have only 2 things to look out for:
(1) Wolves have an aoe poison aura which damages everyone near it, but the damage is relatively insignificant
(2) The 2nd wolf grp has a hidden stalker which will stun the tank if not aoe-d out or discovered.

Boss #2 Umheryn

Guide to Shire: The Northcotton Farm, Tier 2 *Spoiler* ScreenShot00812
The yellow thing it's the way the hobbits will do, from right to left.
The blue thing is where the bucket it is
The red circle is the Cauldron, the main enemy.

Umheryn is a technical fight with a dps race built into it.

Points to look out for:
(1) The green eye that Umheryn puts on player causes the player to drop multiple poison clouds over time. It is important to not stay in those clouds as they do significant damage.
(2) Hobbits will periodically spawn that will run to a table to eat the poison pie. You have to /slap them out of it. If more than 2 hobbits have eaten the pie, the encounter is failed and resetted.
(3) The fight is essentially a dps race for the top dpser in the grp, but other grp members can help with ranged attacks while dropping poison clouds.
(4) There is very little damage caused in this fight when done right.

(1) The person with the highest aggro will never get the eye. So always let the main dps build up threat for a second or 2 before dpsing yourself, and do not use another taunts or aggro skills if you are the tank.
(2) The green eye in the beginning of the fight is not random. It is applied on the person closest to Umheryn at the beginning of the fight.
(3) You can create a hotkey for slapping hobbits by doing the following:
Clear out your first quickslot location (where you press 1 to hit)
/shortcut 1 /slap
Then move it to wherever you want, and move your other skill back

Basic strategy: Let the person with the lowest dps be on slapping duty. Place him closest to Umheryn at the beginning of the fight to get green eye. Main dps will maximise dps to get aggro, while the secondary dps, usually the healer will slow their dps at the beginning, once the secondary dps gets the green eye, proceed to dps as normal, with the slapper on slapping duty unless he got the time to dps. Having one person focused on slapping while the secondary dps kite clouds and dps from range makes this a quick affair.

Thrash mobs leading to Thadur are 2 groups of boars and 3 to 4 goblin groups. Points to look out for are:
(1) Boars drop meat...Yes there is finally boar meat in evendium!! (reference to an earlier quest in that region)
(2) Goblins apply poisons that stun, damages you over time and disorientates you. Nothing particularly significant
(3) Some goblins have corruptions on them that increases their damage. If they are non-elites, just kill them fast. There is no need to remove corruptions.
(4) Goblin scouts throw a pot that releases a poison cloud, avoid standing in it.

Boss #3 Thadur

Guide to Shire: The Northcotton Farm, Tier 2 *Spoiler* ScreenShot00800
Thadur is basically a tank and spank fight and is possibly the easiest among the 3 if done right.

Points to look out for:
(1) "Divided you shall fall" - Thadur, is a high damage attack that can be distributed to your group members if they are near. Group up when you see this.
(2) "I shall unleash a gift upon those who face me" - Thadur, is an extremely damaging attack that can one-shot your tank if he has or is low in morale. Move behind Thadur to interrupt the induction. Please be aware that sometimes he does it immediately after "Divided you shall fall" so have the tank be quick to turn the boss away from the party. If Thadur is facing the party, have the entire party move out.
(3) "Poisonous vapours shall grant me strength" - Thadur, it basically gives Thadur a poison aura corruption that can be removed by any corruption removal skills.
(4) "You shall behold the power of Dark Thorn" - Thadur, it drops a poison cloud which can be avoided by having the entire group move out of it. Please note that sometimes he will do "Divided you shall fall" immediately after it, so be prepared to group up.
(5) "This poison shall have an interesting effect" - Thadur, it basically stuns the specified target. Nothing too special.

Basic Strategy: Have the tank turn the boss away from the group and have the dps and healer stacked behind Thadur. The tank will move into the group when "Divided you shall fall" and "I shall unleash a gift upon those who face me" and turn him quickly away after that. Remove corruptions on the boss when he has it and run out of him together when he says "You shall behold the power of Dark Thorn"

After defeating Thadur, you have the option of dancing on his corpse and I hope you liked slapping those hobbits. Oh, right..there is loot too. Smile

Normal loot:
Guide to Shire: The Northcotton Farm, Tier 2 *Spoiler* Sarenzer
And that from challenge:
Guide to Shire: The Northcotton Farm, Tier 2 *Spoiler* Challengethadur2

PS: Pics incoming.
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Guide to Shire: The Northcotton Farm, Tier 2 *Spoiler*
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