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 Guide to: The Vile Maw (The Watcher)

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Guide to: The Vile Maw (The Watcher) Empty
PostSubject: Guide to: The Vile Maw (The Watcher)   Guide to: The Vile Maw (The Watcher) EmptySat Apr 02, 2011 1:37 pm

Level: 60
Questpack for F2Ps: Moria
Number of persons: 12

All over the battle will be some enemies you gotta deal with.
2 Big tentacles: They do frontal aoe if melee agro, they do single ranged attack if ranged agro.
Small squeezing tentacles: they root you, kill them asap.
Small strangling tentacle: They will strangle one of you quickly, please kill them asap to free people before they are strangulated.
Shark tentacle: He will be patrolling outside of the watcher area, touch him and you are dead.
Other tentacles: just normal melee tentacles, your healer should be able to heal through it but kill them if needed.

Phase 1: Each time the watcher screams will do an special attack frontal aoe that deals 8k damage, that would kill most of us.

The basic strategy is to enter the water and as soon as you see the watcher is gonna scream words in your scream you gotta run to the left wall, ALL the group gotta do the same, wait for watcher scream attack and as soon as it goes away run to kill the left big tentacle and after that DPS the right tentacle.
It's important in that time that everyone teams on the same place, so you will be sure that will be the place where the next scream attack will affect. Wait for it and go right wall as soon as possible, wait for watcher scream attack ends and 2 small tentacles should appeared near you, please kill the strangling or sqeezing one soon, after that go kill the right big tentacle and another 2 small tentacles should appeared, kill them quick and go enter Phase 2.

Phase 2: Enter the water and go to the bridge team all together and kill left big tentacle. At that point a shark will be patrolling around the battlefield, so stay away from shark. When u killed 1 tentacle go and dps the second one (all the time watching for strangling ot squeezing tentacles), stop dps at 5k, group together on same place and Ranged Kill the tentacle because 1 tentacle will appear next to each person of the group, as soon as the big tentacle dies MOVE to another position and got your champs and AoE dealers killing the new 12 tentacles that has been appeared on the same place together.

Phase 3: At that moment tank will wait for watcher to appear on the north side (And that's the most important, gotta agro him before he engage the group or a really painful AoE will hit all of them, the tank gotta do corruption removal all the time, a 2nd or 3rd person too), while tank and healer keeps apart, the group will kill left tentacle and dps the right one to 5k. THIS IS THE MOMENT TO ATTACK WATCHER until new tentacle appear, then kill the 5k one and kill the new one to 5k morale and go to watcher again, all the time same strategy (the point doing that is to not have 2 tentacles at same time). The only 1 thing people gotta have in mind is, if watcher says "watcher is anger" or something like that, go out of the bridge or you will get a 3k damage hit, it's 360º AoE.

The 2 big Tentacles are mostly tanked by hunters or ranged persons, so they do single ranged attacks instead of melee AoE attacks.

Edit: The Watcher can tanked by 2 guardians sharing agro same as the turtle.

Images of Phase 3:

Guide to: The Vile Maw (The Watcher) ScreenShot00979
Guide to: The Vile Maw (The Watcher) ScreenShot00981
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Guide to: The Vile Maw (The Watcher)
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