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 Guide to: Dark Delvings

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Guide to: Dark Delvings Empty
PostSubject: Guide to: Dark Delvings   Guide to: Dark Delvings EmptyTue Mar 29, 2011 3:19 pm

Level: 59
Questpack for F2Ps: Moria
Number of persons: 6, Tank, Healer, Champ needed.

That instance it's a must do for Guardians and Wardens, because both of them has a lvl 59 class quest inside.
There are some important things you gotta know:
- 1: Every enemy in that instance will be weaker in light, -50% damage and speed, that effect will affect you if you are standing in the dark, so fight always in light.
- 2: Gurvand screams, you will see an announcement in your screen about gurvand screaming, at that point you will have only 5 seconds to go to the nearest light or a really painfiul +20% incoming damage debuff will stack on you, next time you get caught by that curse the debuff would be +40%... etc, once i saw it in +100% damage incoming from every enemy.
- 3: The white threads that hangs all over this instance are traps of worms, touch one and you will get surrounded by 3 worms, kill them easy, they are not hard but annoying.

When you first enters the instance you gotta pull one dark-maw enemy, he's easy if you have a tank on him, after that the next pull will be 3 ranged enemies, that ones are annoying if you don't handle their agro properly because they would kill your healer really quick. Another easy pull of 1 enemy and you get to first boss.

First boss: Void Eater

That boss it's as easiest that can be even Duo, (look the screenshot of me and Saithis xD)
Imagine that room like the top of a mountain, if you fight in the top it's ok but if you are throwed down you gotta find a way to go up and fight again.
Be sure that everyone it's in the "top of the mountain" before engaging boss because the bridge would dissapear when battle starts.
There will be 3 relics in the room that Void Eater will destroy eventually, be sure to fight always in the light of one of them until he destroys all 3, at that point just kill him as soon as possible.
This boss will make Knockback and he will reset if he's chasing you too far, that combination can be annoying because he would Auto-Reset himself, throwing you far with a knocback and chasing you that far, anyway there's a way to prevent that and it's having your back against a rune.
Eventually someone in your group will touch a white thread and spawns some worms, kill them asap and the boss is piece of cake.
Guide to: Dark Delvings ScreenShot00773

After boss is dead, the Guardians can summon a 70k morale Worm for their class quest, not a challenge. Wardens can summon a....... (cant remember).
Some more pulls and you will get to the next big room, the second boss starts there.

Second boss: Doom Speaker

That fight is tricky but can be easily done, the room where u will fight will have 5 runes of light, one on each corner and one in the center.
The first thing you gotta know is that this boss will summon a wave of adds each 25% of his morale and one at the beggining of the fight.
Each wave of adds will give him a buff until next wave, depending of the type of adds.
- if they are 6-8 Darklings the boss receives Melee immunity.
- 3 Howling Overseers. Boss receives Ranged Immunity.
- 2 Darkmaw Masters. Boss receives Tactical immunity.
- 1 worldeater. Boss receives +20% all damage, but tries to fully heal himself (so interrupt! that's why u need a champ here).

They way to kill him is as easy as follow a pattern of lights, all the people waits in the light inmediatly on the left when u enter the room, the tank alone goes to the center rune so he starts the fight, as soon as that happens all the group moves to the light in the right because the one where they were standing is turned off, at that point kill all the adds inside light circle and tank boss, then when boss spawns the next wave of adds you gotta go to north, repeat and finally go west, it's a REVERSE clockwise manner, if you do that you will be able to kill all adds inside lights and when he turns off the last of the runes the boss will have 15k morale and no more adds, so kill him in darkness and it's done.

Final boss: Gurvand

Challenge or not challenge you will wonder.... Challenge is the answer, why? because the challenge is to not light any of the runes, anyway if you light one of them Gurvand will destroy it in 2-3 seconds so it's not helping to light a rune, for that reason do the Challenge, that fight it's easy than u can imagine, but you need a CC or a hunter.

When u enter the room, if u don't approach boss too much you can go to a rune in the left or side part of that room, you will notice there's a wall instead of a deep abyss in that 4 corners where runes are, this is important because the boss does knockback, it's important for the tank to tank him against that walls to prevent people to die in a fall, the group will be grouping near the center of the room to catch up and kill some adds, ranged ones that will appear eventually while the healer take care of the tank, basically the fight it's that simple.

1: tanking boss against a wall.
2: killing adds.
3: healing tank all the time.
4: when no adds, attack boss.

Razz I hope that helps future groups!.
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Guide to: Dark Delvings
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