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 Guide to Filikul (The Turtle)

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Guide to Filikul (The Turtle) Empty
PostSubject: Guide to Filikul (The Turtle)   Guide to Filikul (The Turtle) EmptySat Apr 09, 2011 7:28 pm

Level: 60
Questpack for F2Ps: Moria
Number of persons: 12
(You will want 2 tanks and 3 healers here.)

This instance is just 1 fight against a 688k turtle (no kidding), there are no adds.
The most important thing you should know is that instance is a timed event, and i mean a dps race with that.
There will be an unremovable Poison that will affect all of us 12, at the beggining will be just 72 damage each 2 seconds, but each minute the poison will be worst, and if you are slow killing the turtle at the end you will have more than 1k damage to all entire raid each 2 seconds, healers couldnt heal throught it so will be a wipe.
That's the race, dps VS the damage your healers are able to heal throught it

Besides that, you need 2 tanks for this, the turtle will hit one of us biting, and each bite will add the same effect as the unremovable poison, at first bite will be 200 damage, at the 5th one the tank will have 1000 damage each 5 seconds, that's the time for the other tank to agro the Turtle, she will start to do the bite thing to the other tank while the first one is just waiting for his debuff to go away, when the bites debuff goes away the tank gotta agro again, and the second tank will wait for his debuff bite to go away.
Using that strategy the tanks will always built damage to 1k and then reset it, instead of building damage to 3k and dying. So please, bring 2 tanks that manage how to ping-pong agro between them.

Guide to Filikul (The Turtle) ScreenShot00831
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Guide to Filikul (The Turtle)
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