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LOTRO Hell Slayers Kinship in Riddermark Server :)
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 Hell Slayers Kinship History Record.

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Hell Slayers Kinship History Record. Empty
PostSubject: Hell Slayers Kinship History Record.   Hell Slayers Kinship History Record. EmptyWed Mar 30, 2011 4:07 pm

Hi, nobody remember how we hell slayers starts, that's because when we started this kinship we were 4 persons the first month, that was the 21st September 2010.

That kinship was intended to be an spanish kinship co-founded by Saelyth, Bowen, Aenur and Marina, sadly Aenur and Marina left the game, eventually bowen did left the game too so i was alone in the kinship, by the time of 2 months i had recruited 6-7 spanish members and i had good contact with some spanish kinships but they were just small kinships so we did the best we could do, we all the spanish people would switch to stay on the same kinship, that way i absorved 4 spanish kinships, we were 38 member by that time and we were ok leveling to get stuff and questpacks, but there was a permanent problem in the game, since almost everyone were F2P they were too lazy to grind for tps and almost all of them left the game too.

At that point i had 3 months of playgame and our kinship were about to buy a Kinship House, then i met yalsurisabar by chance killing worms in Fornost, we become friends and he came to our kinships, at that point lot of the Officers in that moment were leaving the game (Ithras, Guainos, Cratos, Wuiner) but we would never surrender, Mithranill and Vandalo joined us as officers and together we found more people to our kinship, still weren't enough but we couldnt do anything to fix it. Bowen came back to the game and some more people joined us, by that time we were 80 spanish members in our kinship (just 20 actives) and we were stuck on the same places all the time, then suddenly one day at the top end of the game we started to do some instances with english people, playing together with them all the time, we did an Officer council and we decided to become an English kinship, that was our decision and has been hard to accomplish because some people don't speak english.

Anyway we are here, now trying to become a raiding kinship and accomplish a new challenge, we are a friendship raiding and we have standard rules and nice people to play.
what else can i say? has been really hard and lonely to push a kinship from the very beggining but now we are a 6 month old kinship, we have lot of members online at any time and we are proud to be Hell Slayers!.

First raid done: Rift in angmar, balrog dead!.
First person being lvl 65: Saelyth.
Instances done: all of them except raids.
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Hell Slayers Kinship History Record.
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