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 Guide To: Glaciar Fortress of Sari-Surma

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Guide To: Glaciar Fortress of Sari-Surma Empty
PostSubject: Guide To: Glaciar Fortress of Sari-Surma   Guide To: Glaciar Fortress of Sari-Surma EmptyTue Mar 29, 2011 2:48 pm

Level: 65
Questpack for F2Ps: Enedwaith
Number of persons: 6
Go to the real entrance of the instance to activate the Deed that allows you to join.

That instance it's in an island in the sea of Forochel and the only way to get there is using a boat west of Sury-Kyla, this can be done in Tier 1, Tier 2 and Challenge, this guide it's about Tier 1.
The first time you get in you will notice some geysers near some walls, stop in one of them for 10 seconds and you will get a 1 hour buff that will help you with frost damage in this instance, it's a must do.
The first you will see it's some memories about drugloth killing people, go past them and go up to the next room, there will you find an ice whirlwind enemy, they has 50k morale and they summons 7k allies, so if that happens kill the adds first, have a champ interrupting the main enemy and kill them fast, if you are about to die jump down to avoid death and heal as much as u can.
After struggling with that icy enemy you will have to kill a Bear matron (50k morale) and some of his minions, notice that if you kill the cubs first, the matron will earn a +200% damage buff for each one so you will need to kill The Matron first, then kill the adds because the spirit of the matron won't get buffs.
That area of the instance it's all the time same, ice enemies or bear enemies, deal with them and go ahead until you find the big bear Coldbear.

First boss: Coldbear

That room will be locked so please be sure your entire team it's inside before engaging boss.
If you go near a statue you will spawn human adds to the battle so try to not run to them if possible (anyway they are too easy to kill) because they do a buff that will set to 300% melee damage but will set to 0% heals and ranged damage, so... if your melee ones gets the buff, cool, if your healer gets it he's useless. that buff spreads out on expiration same as Blue Aura ones in the screenshot of this boss Razz.
The main important thing that you gotta know is that Coldbear is not a 100k morale enemy but a 200k one, that's because when u kill him you gotta kill his spirit too, i would call the physic enemy as phase 1 and the spirit enemy as phase 2.

On phase 1 he will have that skills:
First skill it's a red shield that would reflect all damage, attack him with that shield and you will kill yourself.
Second skill it's a debuff on main tank that make him unable to block/evade and parry.
Third skill: that's the one that kill entire groups, pay attention to the description in the skill:
Guide To: Glaciar Fortress of Sari-Surma ScreenShot00790

Just tank him aside, dont attack if red shielded and as soon as somebody has the blue aura in him that person gotta go away really quick and second healer focus on him, or just uber heal with skills and potions.
When phase 1 ends you gotta kill his spirit, at that point he won't use the red shield anymore but he will do an AoE stun if the person he look for is near him when he say "i will stole your power... nickname". Go tank and spank and at 40k morale you should be able to use kinda a "trick", at this point it's a DPS race so the trick is to make melee ones wake up statues and dont kill them, they use the buff to hit in osam like 10k per hit Razz (well actually as a guardian i only did 5k to osam Sad but i guess champs and burgs can do more xD).

When u killed coldbear go ahead and enter the next area, (some pulls i think) go ahead and you will find the big big Room where osam awaits, your group wants to kill every add, go down but don't touch the item in the center of the room, that would start the fight.

Second boss: Osam

This fight is quite simple but needs coordination, put your healer where osam stands (yes, under his legs) and your tank on the item that starts the battle, at that point you have to be sure someone is gonna agro the adds, if you have a hunter would help a lot in that fight, standing on next point as healer.
Each time a wave of adds comes your group gotta kill them as priority, not Osam, and that's the pattern: 1 giant, 3 humans, osam AOE, 1 fanatic, 3 humans, osam AOE, 1 giant, 3 humans, osam AOE, 1 fanatic, 3 humans, osam AOE.... etc
If you don't have a corruption remover really quick you wouln't be able to succed in this fight because of that:
Guide To: Glaciar Fortress of Sari-Surma ScreenShot00792

Now that you know all in this fight is when u start the battle, the Tank will be on osam, everyone else (melee ones too) go to kill adds ASAP and then come back to attack osam, sometimes he will do a massive AOE that will wipe you if you are near osam (osam will say something like "you all will die now" when doing aoe). Move away on that for like 5 seconds and u'll be ok, this is a pretty easy fight, your group take care of adds and the tank take care of osam, here's specially complicated to tank because that tank gotta remove corruption at same time, but it can be done if u have Voice chat and someone say "corruption" when the eye appears in someone, so we all can go and use corruption removers skills.

NOTE: if you kill all the adds in this fight, the caerogs on next fight will join the battle, otherwise they will only stand without fighting.

Final boss: Drugloth

As mentioned before, if you have killed all the adds in the battle against osam you will face that two Caerogs in the battle with drugloth.
Guide To: Glaciar Fortress of Sari-Surma ScreenShot00794

If don't it's just a battle against the Gaunt-Lord, he will stay in the middle of the room without moving and there's 3 phases.
In all the phases there will be a whirlwind around, it silences and damage so stay away from it.

1: That phase it's tank and spank, really easy, he will say "run if u can" eventually, that means he's gonna do a knockback AOE or an ice damage AOE, the best you can do at that curse is to run and hide on a rune to lose line of sight with the boss. - Just be sure you don't fall to the bottom of the mountain in a knockback.
2: The weather will be worst but the fight it's the same as phase 1.
3: At that point he will steal some skills from 2 of you, while doing that 2 ghosts will appear, they are the souls of that 2 members of your fellowship, so your group gotta kill them ASAP or that 2 persons can't do anything, it's a perma-stun until death.

when u had killed Drugloth you will have the title King/Queen of the mountain ^^
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Guide To: Glaciar Fortress of Sari-Surma
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